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Meet the Team

Charlotte Hurst (Director)

Managing Director

Charlotte is head of consultancy services at Farsight.  This means that she oversees all of our consultancy work and works closely with the team to ensure the quality of our services remain first rate.

Charlotte also takes on strategic level work with key clients and leads larger projects, as well as coaching and mentoring our team.

Charlotte’s wide range of experience includes leading major projects and programmes across the non-for-profit, public and private sectors, particularly around transformation and innovation.

Pete Masters (Founder)


Pete set up Farsight in 2010 after 10 years consultancy work across the public and private sector. Originally trained as a lawyer, he quickly recognised that he found it more exciting to help organisations solve problems with their business, information and technology.

That meant project delivery (Pete is a published author on the use of Project Management Software), business and technical analysis (including leading the largest cross-departmental technology service in the UK government), policy (including drafting measures and taking things through parliament) – and any thing else needed to make things run smoothly.  He’s been doing the same thing ever since and it never gets old.

Zahra Zafarani

Principal Consultant and Head of Quality, Culture & Wellbeing

Zahra is a business psychologist with over 8 years experience specialising in coaching, developing and transforming people, teams, and organisations.

With her background and interest in learning, coaching and empowering others Zahra leads on projects that combine organisational design, people transformation, business analysis, and user research.

Zahra is at her happiest when she can empower people to discover their potential – she puts this passion to great use as Farsight’s Head of Quality, Culture and Wellbeing, working with the rest of the Leadership to define and deliver our Wellbeing Strategy.

Thomas Mitchell

People Manager

Having graduated with an undergraduate degree in Law and postgraduate degree Human Resource Management, Thomas joins Farsight with over five years’ experience in People Operations, with a range of experience across multiple sectors including; legal, film, research and design consultancy.

Bringing extensive experience working with small to medium sized organisations to grow and develop employee-centred People Operations Teams, Thomas oversees the employee experience and life-cycle at Farsight and works closely with the rest of the Leadership Team to define and deliver on our People and Business Strategy.

Phung Tang

Finance Manager

Phung has joined the Finance team at Farsight as Finance Manager to work on a variety of projects such as VAT reporting, tracking contract draw-down and budgeting, as well as being responsible for overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of the business.  He is an ACCA qualified accountant with eight years’ experience in professional services, and joins us from Katz Partners LLP, a Family Law firm specialising in high net worth and complex cases.

Phung is an avid gamer since he was first introduced to the SNES console, and a loyal Federer fan.  His name means “warrior’s spear” in Chinese.

Ben Emmett

Talent Acquisition & Development Coordinator

Ben joined Farsight with 9 years’ experience across recruitment, learning and development and HR management. His background is working in small to medium sized companies and supporting them in their growth and the development of their people.

Ben drives Farsight’s recruitment to ensure we continue to identify the strongest, most talented people to work for Farsight. Ben will also be heavily involved in the development of Farsight’s Skills Academy to provide the business with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the needs of our clients.

Amelia Cohen

Commercial Administrator

I have recently immigrated to the UK from South Africa. I have a wide range of experience as a dedicated and trustworthy Executive Assistant, working in the Information & Technology industry for over 13 years.

I provide first class skills involving production of documents, secure document tracking and filling as well as office management. I am a highly professional individual dedicated to maintaining high quality service to Clients and our Team.

When not in the office I enjoy being outdoors cycling, hiking and running. I love using every opportunity I get to explore my surrounding towns and visiting cities I have not yet travelled to.

Natasha Porter

Principal Consultant

Natasha is an established management consultant with over eight years’ experience in consultancy and international development. She is passionate about improving the public sector and has extensive experience across education, health, social care and housing. A strategic thinker, she combines project planning with business acumen to drive effective service design and operational efficiencies. She is at her happiest supporting public sector clients to solve complex problems with innovative solutions which support service transformation.

Within Farsight, Natasha can be found working with government departments to co-design digital solutions which get to the heart of users’ needs. Outside of the office, she loves the outdoors and can be found hiking, running, kayaking and adventuring.

Steven Legg

Senior Consultant

Steven joined in 2015.  He enjoys helping organisations and teams get on top of their data, ask the right questions of it and then use it to drive tangible change. He has a particular focus at Farsight on developing our performance analysis offering.

Steven brings deep technical understanding and experience to bear on complex problems, drawing on wide-ranging business analyst experience on digital delivery projects across both public and private sectors.

Steven has a Masters in Physics from the University of Oxford.

Mike Emery

Senior Consultant

After graduating from Exeter University in History and Politics Mike went on to complete a postgraduate degree in International Security and Development at Kings College London.

Mike has an inquisitive and enquiring mind which he applies to solving complex problems, creating innovative solutions, and helping people to see things differently.

He applies this mindset along with skills in business analysis, data modelling and facilitation when working with agile delivery teams in government, and with technology suppliers across the private sector.

James Asamoah

Senior Consultant

James combined an Economics degree with a passion for music tech at Loughborough University.

He has experience in designing and implementing process improvements in a diverse set of industries, from the digitalisation of the rail network, to gold-mining, and marketing in creative industries.

James is used to adapting quickly to new environments, using an enquiring mind to think through complex problems logically and creatively.

David Swordy

Senior Consultant

David joined us at Farsight following two years in the research industry, where he developed his analytical and project management skills. He has a Master’s degree in Social Policy & Research from University College, London, with interests including statistics and the philosophy of education.

He now works as a Business Analyst in government digital teams, supporting the development of new and better services from the ground up. He is comfortable working across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

David brings together user research and service modelling to help projects’ stakeholders work through complex issues, take informed decisions and effect lasting change.

Matt Wyman

Senior Consultant

Matt has a strong analytical background having studied Biological Sciences and Veterinary Medicine at Cardiff and Cambridge University. Matt channels the rigour of his academic background to produce thorough analysis that helps people see things differently.

He is currently working within government departments adopting agile methodology to drive digital and business transformation. Matt uses a range of techniques and methodologies to deliver real value and transform the way things are done, including service mapping, business and performance analysis, cost modelling, and user analysis.

Tom Hall

Senior Consultant

Tom joined Farsight from the consumer organisation Resolver, where he led the product team, and worked with the company’s executives and board on strategy and fund raising in response to the pandemic.

At Farsight, Tom works as a Product Manager, leading teams through all stages of the product lifecycle and onto Live Service.

Tom builds relationships quickly and uses varied product management techniques to empower teams and to enable stakeholders to see things differently.

Gemma Say

Senior User Research / Senior User Centred Designer

Gemma is a user-centred researcher and designer with a degree in Design Ergonomics.

She joined Farsight with a wealth of experience as a Human Factors Researcher and Designer within the rail sector, which she now uses across a range of digital teams working to improve the experience of end users.

She has a strong focus on users’ journeys through products and services, and brings research and analysis skills together with careful planning to produce accurate insights that inform creativity and innovation from a user’s perspective.

Joe Crawford

Senior Consultant

Joe spent his time after graduating from Loughborough University in the nuclear defence and pharmaceutical industries, while also managing to pick up experience rehabilitating injured athletes as a qualified sports masseur.

He now spends his time driving key digital projects forward using his analysis, problem solving and facilitation skills.

His confidence as a Business Analyst and Delivery Manager, combined with his ability to adapt quickly to a changing landscape, sets him up well to make a real difference to each organisation he works with.

Andrew Dickinson

Senior Consultant

Andrew joined Farsight following several years in the charity sector, where he spent most of his time building rehabilitation programmes for the NHS. He developed a new model for supporting and rehabilitating family members after someone suffers a traumatic spinal injury, including introducing and delivering psycho-social counselling, mentoring 150 families, trialing rehab models with hospitals and reshaping the internal organisation to support the new service.

Andrew now uses his experience in user-centred design and service development in his role as a Business Analyst. He thrives in complex situations and enjoys connecting with others to come up with creative solutions.

Chloe Bash


Chloe joins Farsight from a master’s in history at the University of Cambridge, where she completed her research through the Joint Centre for History and Economics. In her investigation into issues of gender and race, Chloe furthered her ability to evaluate and synthesise diverse sources in answer to complex questions.

Prior to crossing the Atlantic, Chloe worked as a curriculum designer for a leading edtech company. Whilst collaborating across multiple teams, Chloe honed a user-centred, results-oriented approach.

Chloe now marries her passion for rigorous research with a sensitivity to user needs. Chloe enjoys bringing projects to fruition in diverse groups. 

Rachel Welch


Rachel graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Product Design.

She has experience across a number of areas. Before joining Farsight Rachel was working as junior Product Manager on an investment app, with responsibility for UI, UX design and overseeing the user-focused testing.

Rachel is now enjoying using her inquisitive and creative mind to design innovative user focussed solutions and services. She balances a strong focus on getting the details right, understanding the bigger picture and cleverly brings together design thinking, research and the users perspective.

Mike Wrathall


Having graduated with a degree in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, Mike spent a year in Australia working on private-public partnerships with the New South Wales government.

Based in Sydney, Mike worked on the modernisation of TAFE NSW, a key higher education provider in the state, before taking a role on the innovate Sydney Metro Northwest, Australia’s largest ever public infrastructure project and first driverless passenger train network.

With experience in digital marketing, project planning and project delivery, Mike brings a range of skills to the challenge of delivering lasting value to organisations.

Liora Michlin


Liora graduated with a Neuroscience degree from the University of Oxford and her interest in understanding people’s behaviour has stayed with her since.
Liora joined Farsight with experience as an analyst working on using behavioural insights to underpin strategy, conducting market research, and deep data analysis. Prior to that, she gained experience in sustainable healthcare transformation at a third sector organisation offering consultancy to the NHS.

Liora is passionate about how technology can be used to solve problems and the importance of centring users in design.

Outside of work Liora spends most of her time baking, drinking coffee and finding pockets of nature to explore.

Olivia Playle


Olivia joined Farsight with four years of experience within the market research and analytics industry where she developed her critical thinking and analytics skills.  She has experience working across a wide range of sectors including finance, marketing, and the public sector.

Olivia’s past projects have included working with the Cayman Islands government to develop their international offering to working with the London School of Economics to uncover factors related to voting retention among first-time voters.

Brandon Chan


Brandon graduated his master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick, having previously finished his bachelors in Mathematics. During this time he accrued a sharp acumen and established strong analytical abilities which he employs to deliver his work.

Aside from working, Brandon enjoys all things tech and is a keen swimmer having captained his university team.

Brandon has a love for tea, coming from the home of Yorkshire tea, and considers himself somewhat of a semi professional biscuit dunker.

Shivani Dighe


After graduating with an anthropology degree from UCL I’ve been passionate about driving impactful change for real people and leveraging the power of digital technologies to achieve this.

I am experienced at operating within cross functional teams to devise and deliver digital solutions. My work spans public and private sectors, and projects include launching the first Wi-Fi trial for British Airways, developing the BBC’s Digital offering for Charter Renewal and, most recently, optimising Toyota’s national website.

Outside of work I enjoy anything music related! I sing as part of Popchoir and love watching musical theatre.

Anastasia Sokolov

User Researcher

Anastasia graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Product Design. She has since been applying her research and analytical skills to uncovering the real needs, attitudes and frustrations of users and providing her clients with insights and confidence in the opportunity areas her research revealed.

Ana’s past projects included working with some of the biggest industry players in the consumer goods and snacking industry as well as the national education space.

When Ana isn’t busy interviewing users she spends her time watching people in the streets, roaming art exhibitions and painting.

Ben Mitchell


Ben graduated from the University of Bath with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, including a placement year helping to “Keep London Moving” with Transport for London.

He joined Farsight following two years leading development teams based in the UK and India, focusing on driving digital transformation and process automation; in this role he helped clients meet key GDPR requirements, delivering data management projects for companies across a broad spectrum of industries, from occupational health to financial services.

Ben is excited to bring his experience, and an analytical, problem-solving mindset, to his role as a business analyst at Farsight, supporting the delivery of projects across Government departments.

Conor Beaupres


Conor is currently a new graduate student in biomedical sciences from The University of Warwick. He has one year’s
intern experience with Farsight, working in a variety of teams and excelling in an agile environment.  Conor enjoys stressful and
strategic situations and has experience working in the Ministry of Justice, engaging with different levels of stakeholders. The academic rigour of his degree provides him with a  strong analytical grounding, enabling him to produce quantitative solutions to solve complex analytical problems as a business analyst for Farsight.

Aside from work, Conor is a keen footballer having represented his University for three years… and he’s an Arsenal fan!

Hebe Kurzeja


Hebe graduated from Durham University with a degree in Economics, where she developed a passion for applying Economic Theory and Data Analytics to complex policy questions. She subsequently worked for a boutique consultancy, specialising in Public Sector Procurement and Digital Transformation. Alongside this she has worked for various leading Economic consultancies as well as the Department of Energy. From her broad range of experience with public sector clients, Hebe enjoys deploying logical and innovative thinking to inform policy and service design and tackle challenging problems.

Kam Sandhu


Kam graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Economics, where she spent her penultimate year studying abroad in Toulouse, France. She particularly enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of her degree and put this into practice in a strategy role for a small start-up company.

Passionate about continuous improvement, she spent one year working as a Graduate Management Consultant within the Education, Health and Social Care sector, where she assisted with national government programme delivery and improvement.

Since joining Farsight, she has enjoyed working on implementing public sector reforms and providing rigorous analysis for government digital teams.

In her spare time, she loves to dance and has recently developed an affinity for parkour! She’s starting slow; no rooftops just yet…

Ben Varnam


Ben graduated with a Music degree from the University of Oxford, where he developed an interest in analysing psychology and behaviour. Since then, Ben has honed his skills as a User Researcher with a conversion rate optimisation company working across a variety of sectors, and with one of the UK’s biggest telecoms.

Ben uses a variety of user research methodologies to uncover users’ needs and attitudes, and works hard to ensure the voice of the user is always taken into account. Pragmatic and team-focussed, Ben is always keen to tackle new problems and help create long-lasting, impactful change through user research insights.

Away from work, Ben can normally be found hitting a variety of items, from drums & percussion to squash rackets & footballs.


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